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Website Speed

We monitor your websites speed weekly to ensure it is performing as well as possible. Not only does this help prospective customers engage with your content and decrease bounce rate but it is also a key rule in search engine algorithms. You can check your website speed by visiting: Our developers undertake the following tasks […]...
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Image Optimisation

Image optimisation still impacts search ranking significant, especially due to its close relationship with website speed. At upUgo we monitor and optimise your images, changing file names to be more relevant, updating alt text so search engines can crawl them and more technical areas such as: Image compression Image resizing Structured load time We use […]...
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Skyscraper Content

As we move into 2018 the importance of regular blog articles are being de-prioritised in favour of skyscraper content. Skyscraper content is when you compare the top ranking websites content against your own, then you re-write, expand and improve what already exists.  This not only has significant benefits for rankings but also benefits prospective visitors, […]...