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upUgo harness omnichannel marketing to make brands perform better online. 

Why Our Digital PR is Different

The term Digital PR has been part of the digital marketing world for some time now, but its true value and definition has never been pinned down until now. As a digital marketing company, our digital PR services are a unique brew of traditional PR mixed with SEO expertise. At its core, we help our clients benefit from their online coverage. Our research generates organic backlinks which strengthen visibility whilst building an awareness of their brand.

Based on Big Data & Trend Analysis

Smart campaigns that are broadly visible online and dominating the media space is at the very heart of what we do as part of our digital PR services. 

From sourcing data, to conducting surveys and designing powerful graphics, our end goal is to engage the right journalists, at the right time, and we certainly have a knack for it.

Let’s work together on your next project

We work with household names and hundreds of small businesses to help them get more from online.