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It’s Time to Get Hustling

upUgo Founder and CEO, Luke Sartain, recently shared a message in an interview on the Hustlr podcast
that, “If you work hard and smart, you can get out of the rut you are in.”

Very few people have hustled their way to the top quite like Luke. He started out living under a stairwell
with the water boiler waking him up every time someone used the hot tap; he now runs the UK’s largest
SEO agency, not to mention two other businesses.

It’s truly a rags to riches story where his only tools were a computer and some tenacity.

Luke shares all with Jeremey Ong in episode 66 of the Hustlr podcast, ‘Building A Business With Nothing
But A Computer With Luke Sartain From UpUGo’

If you’d like to find out for yourself a few of Luke’s sharp tips for entrepreneurs starting with nothing,
have a listen here.

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