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Interview with Luke Sartain

According to upUgo Founder, Luke Sartain, upUgo all started with a ‘yes’.

In his latest interview with Malcolm Gallagher from Bizvision, an internet TV show all about business, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Luke discusses how saying ‘yes’ to one request to do SEO, despite never having done it before, started everything. From there, Luke’s business snowballed and has grown into the upUgo you see today.

The interview covers much more than just upUgo’s journey, as Malcolm dives into what it means to be an expert in SEO and probes Luke on the myths surrounding the industry. To boot, Luke also shares his experience with leading a team of 120+ staff, the majority of whom work remotely.

Have a listen to Luke’s expert experience and advice in ‘Meet the Leader’ interview here.

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