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Specialist SEO Agency in Jersey

With its spectacular superfast broadband, it’s no wonder Jersey has risen to stardom when it comes to digital innovation. upUgo’s dedicated team of SEO pioneers are here to offer bespoke marketing solutions that will take your company to the next level.

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What we do

Are you looking to send your Jersey-based business skyward? At upUgo, we draw on years of SEO experience to supercharge your website’s presence, both on and off the island.

Custom-built software solutions, combined with performance-focused Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a heap of technical knowhow, allow us to catapult our customers to success in the digital world.

We’ve got it all. From technical SEO, Digital Advertising and digital PR to content creation, social media, and video production, we can build a tailor-made strategy that suits you.

More online visibility can transform your growth, no matter what sector you’re in or how big your company is. Whether you’re Fortune 500 or an independent Jersey retailer, we’ll work closely with your team to help you scale accordingly and send your revenue through the roof.

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Why we’re different

At upUgo Jersey, we know an effective SEO strategy can’t just be bought off the shelf.

Your unique business goals and customers will always be at the centre of everything we do, and we’ll adapt to help you get the best results. Our ambitious Jersey-based team will work together to craft a strong SEO strategy that directly reflects your business needs.

Originating in Bristol, the upUgo team has grown rapidly. Drawn by Jersey’s thriving digital and tech community, we recently crossed the channel. These beautiful shores are an ideal spot for our talented team of high-flyers to flex their marketing muscles outside of mainland UK.

We’re lucky to have a Jersey collective of fun yet hard-working individuals who have experience in all aspects of SEO. Each person brings a unique perspective and skill set that, when combined, makes us a creative force to be reckoned with!

From social media specialists who ensure all content is on-trend and ultra-shareable to a talented troupe of Digital Advertising wizards, our united strengths help us curate inventive high-value campaigns. Recent support from Imran Hakim of Dragon’s Den was a fantastic bit of recognition for our incredible team before our move to Jersey.

We’re always keen to try new things. The fast-moving world of SEO requires continual adaptation, and we’re fully up for the challenge. We keep our finger on the pulse, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Whatever your SEO needs, and whether you’re in Jersey or farther afield, we’ll find a way to lift your business head and shoulders above the competition. Perhaps you have a specific area that needs elevation. Or maybe there are a few aspects to work on. No worries! We can offer a pick ‘n’ mix solution. With years of experience in an array of SEO fields, we can pool our knowledge to build a strategy tailored to your objectives.

That could be focusing on paid campaigns alongside local SEO to boost your Jersey customer base. Or maybe you want to circle in on content creation and video marketing to extend your reach? Leave it with us!

More about upUgo

Our SEO and digital marketing services

In this age of ever-evolving technology, your digital presence is a crucial aspect of growing your business, whether you’re in retail, B2B, or any other field. A good website is optimised for SEO, but that’s not all. It also needs to incorporate a marketing strategy that highlights your unique skills and reaches the right people, in Jersey and beyond.

We’re here to build an effective plan that gets you seen, maximises your online impact and sends your revenue sky-high.

Website Design

Got a project you want to get off the ground? Whether you’re setting up a brand new website or giving your old one a makeover, we can make sure it goes in the direction you want (i.e. up).

Offline Marketing

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a vital part of promoting your business. But that doesn’t mean offline marketing should be ignored — in fact, traditional media has huge potential to bring you value.

Offline Advertising

By carrying out in-depth keyword research, we’ll apply effective SEO to your offline campaign that showcases your unique brand and captivates your customers.

Radio Advertising

By carrying out in-depth keyword research, we’ll apply effective SEO to your radio campaign that showcases your unique brand and captivates your customers.

Local SEO

Soar above the Jersey competition and rise to the top of the national rankings. Our expert local SEO specialists will give your website an optimisation makeover to help you stand out on and off the Jersey coast.


You need an SEO solution that caters to your individual business needs. Combining advanced technology, SEO experience, and a bit of pizzazz, we’ll carry out an in-depth SEO audit on your existing site. Then we’ll tackle core factors across all aspects of SEO, including On-page SEO, Off-site SEO, and Technical SEO.

Digital Advertising

With SEO research, enthusiasm, and a certified partnership with Google, we’ll rustle up a watertight ads strategy that treads the tightrope between paid marketing and organic campaigns for long-term visibility.

Digital PR

Public Relations are changing with the times. Keeping up with the latest trends, we’ll craft relevant outreach to nurture your top-tier targets and put you in the limelight.


By carrying out in-depth keyword research, we’ll apply effective SEO to vibrant video production that showcases your unique brand and captivates your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Connection is key. We’ll help identify influencers your customers love so you can turn social engagement into brand loyalty. Prominent influencer partnerships can also strengthen your social media standing and SEO.

Content Creation

Charismatic content is an invaluable asset. With a strong focus on SEO, we can build you a content creation strategy that not only captures your reader’s attention but also uses keywords to get it seen.

Reputation Management

Build a brand that customers can trust. We’ll help you get the recognition you deserve by making sure reviews show the best of your Jersey-based business.

Social Media Management

Let’s face it, who’s not on social media these days? Your customers most likely are! We’ll help you craft relevant, attention-grabbing posts to transform scrolling into valuable clicking.

How can SEO help your Jersey-based business grow?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the practice of improving your website to make it more visible in organic search engine results. The higher your site appears on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the more traffic will come your way. SEO helps make sure that traffic is relevant and leads to more sales.

Our campaigns can boost you up the SERP rankings, reduce bounce rates, and give your business an edge over the competition. And that’s whether you’re embracing the sandy Jersey shores or are looking to scale up beyond the English Channel.

Jersey is the fastest and best-connected island in the world. This small but mighty hub is teeming with innovation in an array of sectors, from telecommunications to web design. As industry expands, we can help you keep up the momentum on your own upward trajectory.

Your website is often the first place potential customers interact with your brand. That’s why it’s essential to make a good impression and encourage them to come back for more, nudging you closer to your sky-high goals.
Once you reach those triumphant heights, we want to keep you there! Effective SEO is the perfect tool for sustained value. Unlike paid media channels, investment in SEO isn’t tied to user numbers or ad-spend. It will continue generating high-quality traffic and sales indefinitely, making SEO a savvy long-term investment.

To learn more about how SEO can boost your Jersey-based business success rates, why not check out our SEO hub? Our guide to a comprehensive SEO Strategy has fantastic resources that will take your SEO knowledge to the next level.

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