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Welcome to everything you need to know about SEO. This guide is here to help you get started and learn how to do SEO. If you’re not too sure about where to start, and you’re new to SEO, we’d recommend you begin by understanding what it is and how it works.

On page SEO

Everything you need to know about optimising the pages on your site to rank well. Learn how to conduct keyword research and create quality content. Click on the links below to visit the different topic areas.

Off page SEO

Learn how to increase your rankings with brand reputation and content promotion. This guide explains how to get ahead of competitors by investing in an off site SEO strategy.

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What is SEO and how does it work?

The first thing to understand here is how search engines work. Understanding how search works is the essential pillar to getting what SEO is and how it works. 

Search engines have always been focused entirely on answering a person’s question. Fundamentally, they are not the internet. They are indexes used to discover, organise and present the most relevant information related to search queries. 

Search engines like Google have developed systems, since the advent, of the internet to serve this purpose. These systems essentially do 3 things:

  1. They crawl content on the internet, analysing the code, structure and text used to understand what’s out there.
  2. They index content. Search engines look to categorise and store the information they crawl so that they can understand the pockets of topics and content that are accessible online
  3. They rank content. This is where SEO comes in. Search engines work out, based on algorithms, which content best answers specific questions and then present this content to users when relevant search queries are typed into them.

So when you search for anything, search engines have already crawled, indexed and ranked the content you see in front of you. 

SEO, is the practice of building website content with this in mind. Search engine optimisation is an exceptionally multifaceted topic and industry with many different strands. 

Put simply, SEO is the process of creating or editing existing web content to make it compliant with search engine ranking factors and push it up the index of displayed results. 

Search engines have evolved the algorithms they use, to ensure the most relevant search results appear consistently. In 2019 alone, Google made around 3200 changes to its search engine

Keeping up with all this information is exceptionally difficult, and at times impossible. An SEO agency works hard to understand what the algorithms are looking for and how to best advertise client’s content online. 

As a Bristol SEO agency, we spend a lot of our time analysing what’s working and what algorithmic ranking factors have the strongest impact on SEO. 

We’ve even developed our own SEO software to help us. We thought we’d spend some time building out an SEO hub so we can share our learnings, knowledge and guidance with anyone interested.