The art of SEO on Twitter

Twitter is an incredibly powerful social media platform, but many people are not reaping all the rewards this wildly popular site has to offer. In business we all know the importance of both SEO and social media management, but many people underestimate how often they go hand in hand. Twitter is a fine example of this. Your Twitter profile is a phenomenally powerful tool in your SEO arsenal if you use it correctly…

Keywords as art

Twitter turned the humble keyword into a trendy new form of art when they unleashed the hashtag. Now you can incorporate keywords directly into all your Tweets. They are easily searchable, and if used properly can prove incredibly popular. Try to remain consistent in your use of keywords across your website and Twitter. Hashtags greatly improve your online searchability, while helping people discover your content.

A word of caution, however – avoid overusing hashtags. Aim for about three per tweet. You can incorporate them in your message, or add them after, in order to indicate what the message is about. But using too many is spammy, and will put people off.

Every now and then, look at your analytics. Which hashtags are gaining the most likes, clicks and retweets? Which are performing poorly? Experiment to find what works best for your business.

Pro-tip: Every time you begin a new campaign, research and prepare a special list of the relevant hashtags you will use to promote it.

SEO your profile

If you want long-term searchability, you need to optimise your profile itself. Keep your handles and usernames consistent across all your social media and online platforms, making sure they conform to your website and brand name to maximise your presence.

It’s worth getting your account verified to earn your verification badge, a blue symbol bearing the word “verified” which can appear on certain profiles. The badge aids Twitter users in finding trusted and verified information direct from the source (i.e. businesses and public figures).

Pro-tip: Don’t use numbers in your handle or username as Google can interpret it as spam.

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