It is the culmination of a number of combined events that has a far greater impact than one or two on their own

Where your website is concerned, when one or two things are not optimised this can have a nominal effect on search engine rankings. If you have a relatively niche market this will be unlikely to have any great effect on finding potential customers. However, if there are several things wrong with your website then you could well be severely damaging the levels of business you should be generating, not because Google doesn’t like your website or the way it operates, but because people or visiting your website will not enjoy the experience. If links are broken, images are not displayed properly, or pages take 20 seconds to load, this all conveys completely the wrong impression. It is all very well to say that the website exists and that is all that really matters, but in this competitive day and age and where everything is so heavily Internet-orientated, your website is your business’s calling card.

For businesses in a highly competitive environment, your website needs to operate perfectly, needs to be fully optimized, and you need to be using every tool available to make sure that Google ranks you as highly as possible for specific keywords. No longer is this done through maximum use of keywords and publishing hundred poorly written articles all over the web with backlinks to your business as Google will now penalise you for that rather than reward you. It seems that as we are changing the way we access the Internet with more and more people using smartphones rather than computers, Google is more frequently updating its algorithms that are used to calculate website page rankings. As a consequence, you need to be aware almost before every new algorithm is rolled out what is exactly required for you to take full advantage of any changes before your competition does.

Page one of Google, and ideally being in the top two or three results on that page, is the Holy Grail of any business and you should be doing everything you possibly can to be there. Here at LSG Creative in Bristol we specialise not only in creating websites that are optimised for visitors, but also for Google and other search engines including Bing and Yahoo. If you are not sure how well your own website has been optimised we would be more than happy to perform a no obligation investigation, present you with the results which can be verified by anyone, and advise you on what we feel should and could be done in order to improve your page ranking on search engine results. All you need to do is fill in our on-site free quotation form or better still, why not give us a call and we can explain in clear and understandable terms exactly what we can do for you.

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