Developing a website for outsiders

If you decided to build a new home, you would build it based on what you like, need and how you want it to function. You would hope others would like it, but that wouldn’t be a priority. A business website isn’t like that.  We often find that business’ design their websites in the same way. However, your website should perform based on the needs and tastes of the end user.  

From the careful use of targeted SEO techniques to gain that initial search response, right through to the website which needs to gain attention, build interest, and then persuade a visitor to take the wished-for action, the design and content need to be outward-looking.

Why is this not always the case?

Well, we’ve found that working from inside a business, it’s very easy to focus on what the people involved believe to be the key points. They choose the best news, the most important involvement factors and what goes on the website based on their taste. Yet what makes them understandably proud of their company, products or services, which then leads to the stories they want to tell, and information they decide to provide, might not fully or even adequately match the wants, needs, anxieties and the like which drives those undertaking the search.

A website should be created and designed for the customer. The style and content should be appealing and attractive for them. It should be pitched at the end user’s level of knowledge, in language and concepts they understand. It should take them on a journey from where they are when they arrive, seamlessly through to a conclusion that encourages and allows them to take buying or contacting action.

Looking for a new business website? Want to make sure it is perfect for your customers? Pair our outsider’s eyes with your insider’s expertise and get in touch with us today.

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