Does upUgo manage standalone AdWords campaigns?

The answer is: yes. For £275.00 +VAT/month, we will manage up to £1,500.00 of your AdWords budget. The cost per month increases as per your budget and subject to your industry and keywords that need optimising. 

We have a team dedicated to AdWords who monitors daily and weekly activities on your campaign. In addition to this, we will set realistic goal-settings and screen-recording to get an in-depth understanding of your products/services and your visitors’ UX (user experience). 

Please see below estimated costs based on your PPC (pay-per-click) budget:

Prices per month exc VAT        Budget per month
£275.00                                         £0.00-£1,500.00
£500.00                                         £1,501.00 – £5,000
£750.00                                         £5,001.00 – £10,000

Budget higher than £10,000 will be priced accordingly.

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