You don’t have to have a live website before you start your SEO campaign, in fact its better if you start before it goes live

No, here at LSG Creative we are not trying to create a new market for our services as we have been doing this, successfully, for a while now. Why? Well let’s start with two basic elements. Ask yourself how many new websites are launched on a daily basis? Second, remember that the older a website is, the better ranked it can be. Now the website doesn’t need to be live, but Google needs to know it exists – there is a more than subtle difference.

If you then look through the checklist we have created for you, you will begin to realise that effective SEO for a new website is as sensible and practical as packing your suitcases before you go on holiday!

  • Optimize all your website content before you upload it to the site. Explore keyword use and while single keywords will help in the short term, long-tailed keywords may not be picked up by Google immediately, but they will be later on, and be more effective as a result.
  • Get your social media strategy and campaigns organized to build up the anticipation of the launching of your website.
  • Don’t be afraid to launch a ‘coming soon’ page to get your website live – it will reassure the early bird that something is in the offing, and of course Google will notice you.
  • Get plenty of blog posts written in advance. Around ten to a dozen should sufficient. Get these all posted at the onset as Google’s crawlers will access this content straight away, and if it is content rich there will be plenty for Google to index. Ask us about long-form content if you are unclear.
  • Get your site listed in important directories appropriate for your business, but make sure you use the directories your potential clients and customers will be using as well, don’t assume that all directories achieve the same results.
  • You should sign up to Google+, Yelp, Best of the Web and Bing Places as these are invaluable core sites.
  • Use your ‘Coming Soon’ Home page to engage with potential customers in conjunction with social media – run a competition or offer a 10% early registration discount on first purchase. Generating traffic, even without a fully-functioning website, can still be hugely productive.

If this is a very alien concept to you, but you are exploring options prior to launching your own website, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily put you fully in the picture.

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