Does the functionality of your website play a key part in your SEO success?

Search Engine Optimisation is not just keywords and backlinks. Website functionality is a huge factor in when it comes to Google and other search engines. SEO can be broken down in to the core areas of ‘offsite’ and ‘onsite’ optimisation.

Offsite Optimisation

Offsite optimisation can be briefly described as the process of improving a website’s trust by obtaining high-quality inbound links and social signals from other websites and social networks.

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite optimisation is the process of ensuring your website sends the right ranking signals to search engines through the use of high-quality, keyword rich content. By placing keywords you want to rank for strategically in the right areas of your website, you’re able to give Google the right signals to rank your pages.

However, onsite optimisation doesn’t end there.

These days, search engines, like Google, not only want to rank trustworthy, related websites. They also want to rank websites that deliver the best possible customer experience to their user.

This means that slow loading, unresponsive websites (those that fail to display correctly on mobiles and tablets) will no longer rank well. Even with superb optimisation, poor functionality indicates to Google that the website will not deliver a decent customer experience. 

You can also experience a negative impact if you’re missing key files such as a robots text file, xml sitemap or if you have a poor URL structure on your website.

More and more searches are conducted from a mobile device or table. Google and other search engines gives priority to websites that function correctly on these devices.

What does that mean to you?

To put it bluntly, if you want to achieve the best search results possible, you must ensure that your website’s functionality is up to scratch.

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