LSG Creative and digital marketing

You may well have come across the phrase digital marketing and wondered how that applies to your business and how it can help improve your presence on the Internet. However digital marketing is one of those catch-all phrases that for those of us in the business is a very clear and understandable title, but for those of you not involved in digital marketing, it is a title that could leave you scratching your head.

In truth, digital marketing is just a fancy phrase for marketing your business on the Internet because everything on the Internet is done digitally. However, the blanket covering digital marketing is quite extensive and whilst digital marketing is essential for any business these days, not every aspect is necessary for each and every business. ROI or return on investment is another of those phrases that, put more simply, means budgeting, whereby you can afford to spend a certain amount on marketing on the basis that you get that money invested back and an increase in revenue and profit on top.

Because there is a cost involved in every aspect of digital marketing it is therefore good to understand what aspects of this are more appropriate for individual businesses. As an example, it would perhaps be somewhat insensitive for a funeral director to continually add posts to their Facebook page of recent cremations and interments. On the other hand, it is perfectly legitimate and certainly not insensitive for a firm of undertakers of funeral directors to want to improve their search engine page ranking in what is a competitive business. In the same vein it would be unusual for you to see a pay per click advertising campaign for a firm of funeral directors or to be on the receiving end of an email campaign from them.

Digital marketing involves promoting your business in as many appropriate and cost-effective ways. This can include creating and running a Facebook page, blogging, tweeting, running the aforementioned pay-per-click advertising campaigns, reputation management on sites such as Google reviews, Trust Pilot, trip advisor and the likes, along with email campaigns again if appropriate.

Here at LSG Creative we have a wealth of experience in carrying out digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients, and with that experience we are more able than most to specifically identify the appropriate targets for any digital campaign for your business. If you feel that your own business could do with having a greater presence on the Internet and you need to drive more traffic to your website, then please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to let you know exactly what we can do for you in creating an effective and successful digital marketing campaign.

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