Professional and ethical SEO will always pay for itself in the long run

If you have a business which relies on having an online presence, then there is every chance you will have heard how important SEO is, bit you may not know much about it from a practical point of view. Well it is more important you understand a little about SEO to protect yourself against SEO ‘specialists’ who promise you amazing results and page 1 ranking for certain keywords, but who don’t tell you that the methods they use will be detrimental to you in the long term.

For over ten years LSG Creative has been an SEO Bristol specialist helping many local firms achieve high page one rankings for search results and ensuring our clients stay there. We don’t offer the ‘quick fix’ because we prefer to play the long game and get results by playing by the rules laid out by many search engines, rather than trying to cheat the system. As an example, page headlines can be very important. This has benefitted us and our clients tremendously as the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo change the way they calculate page rankings, often in an attempt to stop ‘cheats’ from being able to get temporarily increased rankings.

So what should you expect from professional and reputable SEO, Bristol’s LSG Creative being a prime example of an SEO and digital marketing specialist.

  • Expect it to take approximately 3 months to achieve noticeable increases in your search engine results ranking.
  • Aim to get a good page 1 ranking for one to three keywords specific to your business. As an example, a strong keyword for LSG Creative is ‘SEO Bristol’. If you try to get a good page ranking for twenty or so keywords, you will be spreading yourself too thin and it will be harder to get positive results.
  • Don’t concentrate on keyword density as that is now no longer relevant. Yes, the use of keywords in text is necessary, but only once or twice per page is sufficient as search engines now concentrate more on the quality of text.
  • Make sure any text written for your website, especially blog articles, is written in flawless English and is highly relevant. Gone are the days where overseas writing factories churned out poor quality English articles stuffed full of keywords – this type of content will now see you penalised.
  • Blog articles are important for your website as search engines thrive on updated content. However a basic article will achieve very little, you need an optimised blog article with appropriate external and internal hyperlinks, suitable imagery and hidden hypertext.
  • Optimisation does not just take the form of improving the quality of text on your website, it also involves optimising the appearance and structure of your website as well as its technical efficiency. Because more internet surfers now use smartphones, websites have to be designed to be ‘smartphone friendly’.
  • SEO work also includes checking that all links in your website work, all pages load swiftly and that everything is fine tuned. It is a bit like taking your car in for a service,

It pays to know what you are doing to get the best results from SEO and it pays to be prepared to play the long game and continue your SEO campaign for as long as you want to retain a high search engine results page ranking.

Need to know more or want to discuss how we here at LSG Creative can help you, then please make sure you give us a call and we will be able to answer any queries you may have, and we are certain we can also help you achieve improved search engine ranking?

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