Quality of website content matter more than ever today

You may well have a website and it may even be a well-established website, but do you actually know if your website is doing its best for your business? We often write articles about SEO and the technical side of optimising websites. However sometimes while the website may look attractive and user-friendly, how good is the actual quality of the written content? When did you last update the content to reflect the changes in Google’s search engine algorithm. If you haven’t changed the content recently, then there is a chance you will be being penalised on two fronts when it comes to trying to get your website a good search engine ranking.

Firstly Google and other search engines have become more critical of the quality of English and relevance of copy. In addition, keyword density is now not advantageous or effective, and the use of keywords once or twice per page is sufficient. Overuse of keywords makes text difficult to read, puts off potential customers and is now being penalised by search engines. As our principal writer at LSG Creative puts it “I write for people, not search engines” and now he is being rewarded, as are our clients, with the benefits of quality website copy and excellent blog articles that meet all current requirements.

LSG Creative have many years’ experience in SEO, Bristol is where we have been based from the beginning and many local firms we have worked with are enjoying the benefits of high page 1 search results. However where we have scored heavily with a good number of our clients has been with the physical as well as technical update of their websites. Today more people search the internet via their smartphones than PCs and as a consequence Google now approves of websites which are designed to be mobile-friendly.

In addition, while improving the layout of text, often making reductions in the volume of content, no errors should exist in the content either. Not only does Google penalise you for bad English, but prospective clients will likely get the wrong impression about you and your business too. In an article on the BBC website it states that one spelling mistake can cost you over half of online sales. Now that may sound a little dramatic, but it is the truth, and the fact so many do not pay closer attention the copy on their websites can be a very dangerous situation. What you have to remember is that like buying products off the shelf in your supermarket, when you look at the smaller print to see what the product is made of, if that description has spelling mistakes in it, then you will most likely consider the product to be of inferior quality and decide not to buy it.

Here at LSG Creative part of our SEO services include not only providing clients with good quality blog articles, but we are also able to proofread your website to ensure it is error-free, and tidy up the text where needed to make it more suitable for website surfers using their smartphone.

To find out more about these services, make sure you give us a call at LSG Creative and we’ll be delighted to explain to exactly what we do and why we do it when it would come to optimising your website.

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