Is SEO relevant to you and your business? Part one

There are three answers to this question, definitely, possibly and no. Now that answer may surprise you considering LSG Creative are in the business of providing SEO services, but perhaps this answer will help to underline the fact that we only work using ethically accepted practices and our reputation depends on getting the right results. While many of you may think that successful SEO results only means achieving a great ranking in Google’s and other search engine results, here at LSG Creative we tend to look more at the bigger picture. The simple truth is, you can throw a fortune at getting to the top of Page 1 for search engine results for certain keywords, but if you are spending more on SEO than you see in increased profits as a result of getting a better page ranking, you have not managed to find the elusive Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail of SEO is successful ROI, and no we don’t spend our whole life talking in acronyms. ROI stands for return on investment or, in the simplest of terms, if it costs you more to improve the volume of business through successful SEO and digital marketing than you get back in increased profits, then something is going seriously wrong as that makes no financial sense whatsoever from a business point of view.

So, the questions you need to ask yourself are ones such as:

  • What percentage of my business comes from Internet-based enquiries?
  • What is my conversion rate from website traffic?
  • Why do I have a website?
  • Will it make a difference to my business if I appear on page 1 or 5 of Google search engine results?

We will discuss the relevance of the answers to the above questions in a subsequent article to this one, but what we are trying to tell you here at LSG Creative is that part of the service we offer you is an assessment of how relevant SEO is to your business before we make any recommendations or you start spending any money unnecessarily.

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