Is SEO relevant to you and your business? Part two

In part one of this article we raise the point about the relevance of SEO and how it is not essential for every business. It is fair to say that any legitimate business today has a website, but what is the website for? One of the questions we asked was “Why do I have a website?”

For some businesses, a website is more like a calling card, or a directory entry. The website is there to let people know you exist, to let people know you are a legitimate business, and to give those people an impression of how professional and successful you are. While it is fair to say that every website should be optimised to convert visitors into business, that is different to SEO, as that is primarily involved with increasing the number of visitors. Not every website is for lead generation or business generation.

This needs nicely on to establishing what percentage of your business comes from Internet-based enquiries. If the answer is none or very few, then it is unlikely you need any SEO work. As we mentioned, SEO costs money and that money should only be spent if you will see an even greater financial return for your business then you actually spend on SEO. If you get your business from word-of-mouth recommendation or work more in the real world than the virtual world or cyberspace, digital marketing and SEO is not for you.

In asking yourself the question of whether or not it will make a difference to your business if you appear on page 1 of Google search engine results or not, if the answer is not much or none at all, once again SEO is not for you. It is very likely the nature of your business is either so niche or depends solely on word-of-mouth, so then we would recommend you save your money.

Finally, and one of the most important questions, is what your conversion rate from website traffic is? The reason why we asked this question is because at LSG Creative, optimising a website is as important as optimising SEO as otherwise what’s the point in driving traffic to your website if it is not then being converted into business. For us to successfully carry out SEO campaigns we can show you all we need to as far as metrics are concerned as proof that your website has increased in ranking, but if your books are not showing an increase in business we have not achieved the principal goal for carrying out an SEO campaign, and that is increasing the profitability of your business.

To find out more, not just about SEO but how we can help you improve your business in a broader sense, please do not hesitate to give us a call. SEO is essential for so many of today’s businesses, but there are a handful where we believe your marketing budget could be better spent on other aspects. That’s how genuine we are here at LSG Creative here in Bristol.

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