The more traffic your website gets, the higher Google will rank you – the ultimate Catch 22

One of the best ways to increase your Google page ranking for search results is to have a website which has a lot of visitors. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Only one problem though, to get that required increase in visitors you need to be further up the page rankings to attract visitors looking for your products or services.

So what’s the solution? Well one of the answers is digital marketing to increase traffic to your website. Bristol’s LSG Creative have identified some key areas in the field of digital marketing and rely heavily on it when it comes to providing SEO packages for their many clients.

So what do we mean by digital marketing? By that we mean using the internet and the many opportunities the internet provides for you to promote your business. If you are still a little confused, then perhaps some questions from LSG Creative in Bristol will help you gain a better idea of what is being talked about…….

When was the last time you carried out an email campaign for your business? What is the name of your Twitter account? How many fans and followers do you have for your Facebook page? How many blog articles do you publish a month? What are the most common forums you use to speak as an ‘authority’ in your field of work? Do you have any YouTube videos you have uploaded to attract interest in your business? Have you had any content you have put on the internet go viral?

Here at LSG Creative in Bristol digital marketing is very much a key element of our strategy in helping businesses grow in size and increase their contact list of potential customers. Perhaps one other question we could ask you is whether you have a newsletter visitors to your site and existing clients can subscribe to? If not, then let us ask you another question. How do people find out that you have a special offer on the go, that you have taken on a new member of staff who is an expert in their field, or how some new government or financial rules may affect their business unless they seek out your invaluable help?

Digital marketing is how you connect with new and existing customers to both attract fresh business, while retaining existing ones. Loyalty is such a hard trait to find in people these days because the internet is awash with people keen to steal your customers from you. You need to let everyone know, on a regular basis that they are valued and appreciated, and strategic use of a digital marketing campaign can work wonders for both new and existing contacts.

Now it may seem a daunting task to think about setting up a Twitter account, Facebook page and also carry out an email marketing campaign, but that is because you don’t so this type of thing every week. However here at LSG Creative we thrive on creating a new online presence for our clients and get no greater enjoyment than to see the difference it makes to the level of enquiries and increased business our new clients get.

It costs nothing to call us and to have a chat about your needs and goals, and unlike many others, we won’t tell you what you want to hear, we will only tell you what we can realistically expect to achieve. However what we can achieve is still very impressive!

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