Why are we so transparent at LSG Creative?


There was a time when SEO specialists worked under the cover of what they did as being akin to one of the dark arts. It was as though SEO was a secret language and only those who understood Google algorithms were able to effectively help you rank your website.

The problem is, these ‘dark arts’ were in fact what became known as black hat techniques, methods used to dupe Google into thinking a website was more popular than it actually was. On many occasions website rankings shot through the roof and those performing SEO were well paid. The problem was they were being paid on results and this encouraged nefarious practices.

Unfortunately, for those with websites where black hat techniques were used, instant results were followed a short time afterwards by a complete downshift in their ranking. Through a lack of experience and knowledge once again they would approach those persons who had previously carried out SEO work asking them to boost their ranking again, only second time around the results would be good, but not as good. Once Google got its act together, black hat techniques were still capable of getting very short-term results, after which websites were penalised, their ranking reduced and their ability to climb back up again destroyed.

Here at LSG Creative we have always played the long game. It can take two or three months for our clients to notice a major difference in their website ranking, but once this has been achieved there is no sudden U-turn. We have always made it abundantly clear what we do to help websites rank higher in search engine results because we believe it is important you have confidence in us. In addition, whilst you may become aware of what needs to be done, not everything, including the mechanical optimisation of a website can be done without knowledge and experience. In addition, it all takes time, and this is time that you would probably prefer to spend dealing with clients and generating new business.

In the same way as you employ an accountant, you have a fairly good idea of what is involved but are aware that it is a time-consuming business. In addition, you pay your accountant for his expert knowledge in understanding all the tax rules and regulations to make sure that your tax liability is optimised. It is no different with asking LSG Creative to optimise your website and, as with HMRC, Google changes its rules all the time and as a result, to achieve the optimum results we need to be 100% up-to-date with Google’s demands, plus ensuring we are fully aware of any soon to be rolled out updates to any algorithms so that we can prepare in advance and allow you to keep one step ahead of your competition.

We don’t pretend there is anything secretive about search engine optimisation, if anything we are the exact antithesis of this and therefore we would be delighted if you call us to tell you more, or fill in our online estimate form so that we can let you know what we do and how much it will cost you so that you can budget accordingly.

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