Having a website is a little like owning a taxi!

This may seem like a crazy statement but actually the two have a great deal in common. Here we are talking about a taxi and not a private hire car just to avoid any confusion, assuming you are not already confused. Where a taxi lets you know it is a vehicle you can stop and ask to use its service, so a website displays exactly what you do, whether it is selling goods or offering a service.

Taxis also have to locate themselves where they know they are going to find customers. A taxi parked in a lay-by on the outskirts of a city is not going to do anywhere near the same amount of business is one parked outside a railway station. With a website you also have to make sure that it is seen by as many people as possible. A websites version of the railway station is page one of search engine results and the layby on the outskirts of town is anywhere from page 3 onwards.

How your taxi looks is also important. While you might have a great position on the taxi rank, if your car looks like it is not fit to transport people any prospective customers will more likely choose the next available one behind you. The same will apply to your website. Getting a good ranking on page one of Google will do you no good if traffic arriving at your website doesn’t like the look of it or doesn’t convey the image that you offer good quality products or provide an excellent service. A good looking website with effective imagery and clear indicators of exactly what you do are essential in order to make sure that anyone coming across you will be happy to ‘get in’.

Finally, any taxi need servicing to keep it on the road and to make sure it runs smoothly. A website crashing is the equivalent to a taxi breaking down, so it makes sense to ‘service’ your website on a regular basis. This involves checking that there are no broken links and that all the mechanics of your website are optimized, that your pages load quickly and that any and all buttons, hyperlinks and contact elements work perfectly.

Why not give us a call at LSG Creative and book your website in for a ‘service’ and let us help you move your website from the layby to the railway station. We will be more than happy to explain to you exactly what we do, why we do it, and what you can achieve as a result. We are aware that for many, website optimization, whether onsite or offsite, is an expression that is known about, but what it involves is not. We are more than happy to put you fully in the picture.

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