Where were you when Mobilegeddon happened?

In case you had missed the latest trend in use of the world wide web, more of us now access it via a smartphone or tablet than a computer or laptop. Now when you consider that the internet has been with us for 25 years this August coming, and the first iPhone was launched just 8 years ago, you can see how quickly (relatively speaking) we will change our ways. Now Google is not known for failing to spot market trends and, sure enough, this sea-change in accessing the Internet was met with a Google ‘mobile friendly’ update.

Now that ‘friendly’ update wasn’t friendly towards website owners, no, it was friendly towards smartphone users. Now Google has decided to reward those of you who have a website that is easy to use with a smartphone. Here at LSG Creative this is what we see as an a-typical reason why website otpimization will always be an ongoing battle between ‘us and them’.

It has actually come to the stage where for some companies, a mobile-friendly version of their website is required on top of a ‘computer-friendly’ one. In an article on Engine Watch they cited Universal Studios Orlando as an example of a company with only a partially mobile-friendly website. When analysed, it could be seen that the domain was ranking 2,450 top 100 keywords for a desktop search, but 1,501 top 100 for mobile, showing a loss of 40%.

Do we need to state the obvious? Whenever we lose our ranking someone takes out place.

For those who understood Mobilegeddon, their results have been outstanding. As a clear example, Twitter now ranks for 92% more top 10 keywords on a mobile than on a desktop search. Impressive huh?

If you think you have missed out on the mobile revolution and haven’t adapted your website to this newer and more popular means of browsing the Internet, get in touch and we can tell you what you need to do to put things right.

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