Writing a few keyword – stuffed articles will not get you on Page 1 of Google

To have your business appear on page 1 of search engine results is the Holy Grail for everyone with a business website. However there are only ten places available. Ten years ago there wasn’t the competition for key places there is today, and more to the point, getting on page one was not exactly difficult. As our heading alludes to, writing a load of keyword-stuffed articles and stuffing your website content full of keywords, plus doing a lot of backlinking to your website – posting links to your website on other websites, forums, etc. – was all that was needed to get the desired results.

However now the number of businesses with websites has grown exponentially, competition for these key spots in search results has also increased. What may surprise you though is only three years ago 60% of small businesses had no online presence! That too is changing, and with it so are the rules and regulations (technically called algorithms) used by search engines when calculating which websites should rank highest in search results.

It is true that today more people access the internet using smartphones than PCs and laptops, and as a consequence, how websites function and present themselves have to adapt. These ‘little’ things are all taken into account by the likes of Google etc. when ranking websites. In addition, there has been one major change in SEO requirements for websites. No more generic and poorly written keyword-stuffed copy! At last the internet is getting a bit of a spring clean of so much sub-standard content designed purely to help websites rank highly. The good news for those who care is that poor web copy and SEO optimisation articles stuffed full of keywords will actually do more harm than good.

However while the emphasis has now shifted to quality writing, the mechanical quality of a website is now equally important, if not more so, and this type of website SEO optimisation can’t be done by ‘amateurs’ and is usually well beyond the capabilities and understanding of business owners. What are we talking about? Well we are talking about the speed at which your website pages load when someone visits your website. The slower it takes to load a page, the more Google will penalise you. Have you ever clicked on a link on a website and been directed to a page that no longer exists or the link itself is broken? Any website with such an error on it will be penalised.

And the list goes on. Should we ask you how your digital marketing is going when run in tandem with search engine optimisation of your website? Yes, digital marketing. It is probably a phrase you have heard but chosen to ignore, yet do so at your peril. Getting people to know your business exists is no longer simple and while you may have a reluctance to employ an outsider to help you achieve a good page ranking and increase the amount of ‘traffic’ to your website, it could well be one of the best investments you ever make.

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