10 things we like about Bristol

We’re not just an seo agency in Bristol, Bristol is our home too. So we spent a day going through the office asking some of the upUgo team members about what their favourite thing is about Bristol. We thought we’d type it up and share the things we love about our beautiful city. 

  1. Creativity – Andrew (Head of Sales and Search Consultancy)
    Bristol is one of those cities that has everything going on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of graffiti, food, theatre or history. If you can name it, there’s probably someone in Bristol doing it. Writing something about Bristol’s creative scene inevitably has to include Banksy. Some of us claim to know who the mysterious graffiti artist is but his world-famous work with a spray can is now known across the globe. We’re even lucky enough to have one of Banky’s pieces sprayed on a wall opposite our Bristol office! If you’re new to the city or you fancy something active on a sunny weekend, make sure to try the Banksy Walking Tour and see if you can spot some of the notorious artist’s work.
  2. Community – Ella (Content Specialist)
    Bristol is home to a range of very supportive and celebrant communities. There’s always events to promote the work of upcoming local talent and businesses stick together to support each other. When the global financial crisis happened, local communities even pulled together and made its own currency, the Bristol pound. Whether it’s a book club in your local neighbourhood, or giving Jeff (who sells Big Issues) a fist bump on your walk into work, Bristol has a sense of community like no other UK city.
  3. Green Space – Biff (Head of Partnerships)
    What’s fantastic about living in Bristol is the amount of greenspace we have compared to other UK cities. We were voted European Green Capital in 2015 and we’re really proud of the split between urban and countryside. You can get from the bustling hub of Stokes Croft where our office is based, to leafy St Andrews Park in minutes. We’ve got our own farm in St Werburghs; The Downs has more open space and scenery than you could ask for; and if you cross over the Suspension Bridge, Leigh Woods has acres and acres of woodland to explore.
  4. Food – Frances (Head of Content)
    Why does London get all the credit from foodies? Bristol has an unrivalled range of internationally renowned kitchens, restaurants and pubs without the queues or prices of London. From wallet-friendly Kurdish wraps at Matina in St. Nicholas Market, to Michelin star locally sourced fine dining at The Bulrush, Bristol really has a vibrant and diverse food scene. If you’re looking for tips on where to eat in Bristol (LINK TO OTHER PAGE), why not check out our guide.
  5. History – Lydia (Account Manager)
    Bristol has an incredible history ranging back to before the Romans. We’re certainly not the first exciting thing about Bristol. In a time before Google Analytics, Search Console, algorithm updates and slow page load speeds, Bristol began its life in a typically unique way. Early Saxon references on coins and artefacts describe a wooden bridge – around where our modern Bristol Bridge is. Interestingly the River Avon is actually named after the  Celtic word for water, Avon. This bridge community was known as Briggstow. If you break this down, Brigg stands for ‘bridge’ and Stow stands for ‘place by the’. So a really long time before we were doing seo in Bristol, people knew it as ‘the place by the bridge’. Maybe it’s just us, but we find that interesting. There’s plenty more to see in Bristol, from Brunel’s SS Great Britain to the scenic views granted by a climb up Cabot Tower. We’re a city that’s been shaped by our history and we don’t forget that.
  6. Music – Cristina (SEO Executive)
    There are many factors which make Bristol a glorious place to live. One of the most interesting parts of Bristol is it’s iconic music scene, which hosts a plethora of genres, artists and sounds. We are home to one of the UK’s most renowned live music scenes and nights. It is home to Artists such as Massive Attack, Idles and Portishead! You can guarantee whatever day of the week (come rain or shine) there will be a gig happening somewhere around the city. Whether you’re into Electronic, Rock, Jazz or Acoustic Singer-Songwriter, you are bound to find something to suit your musical tastes in Bristol. If planning isn’t your thing, you can always take a stroll along the Harbourside, where you will find a variety of musician’s busking. This can include  full jazz bands or solo acts, but one thing is for sure, you will hear some gorgeous sounds! Bristol is also home to many award-winning live music venues, such as Motion, Marble Factory, Colston Hall and The Canteen just opposite from our office. What better way to enjoy a locally brewed beer, than to watch some live music in one of these fantastic venues.
  7. City of Villages – Claudia (Account Manager)
    No two parts of Bristol look the same and it’s often been described as a city of villages. From the graffiti and vibrancy of Stokes Croft, to the winding quiet roads of Georgian Clifton, it can often feel like you’ve walked a lot further than just down the road.
  8. Theatre and Arts – Daniel (CFO)
    Perhaps most famously in the world of theatre and arts, Bristol is home to the Bristol Old Vic, which is heralded as the “oldest continuously working theatre in the English speaking world.” The Old Vic strives to produce 21st century theatre, utilising the unique spirit of the city. It’s also undergone a huge renovation and now has a very trendy cafe and bar which is a great place to crack on with work. If theatre isn’t your thing, there are plenty of museums and the Arnolfini, based in a old warehouse, houses world-leading art displays from contemporary local artists. 
  1. Fifth Oldest Zoo in the World – Russell (Head of Operations)
    Not only do we have our own farm in St Werburghs, but we’re also home to the world’s fifth oldest zoo in Clifton. Bristol Zoo is a conservation and educational charity which opened its doors to the Victorian public in 1836! It houses a range of exotic animals and promotes the fair treatment of animals and sustainable zoological practices. It’s a great place to take the kids and a fantastic spot to spend some time over the weekend.
  2. Business – Luke (CEO)
    Bristol has always been a historically creative, innovative and entrepreneurial city. We have a fantastic array of local businesses (some of which are clients) that showcase the best we have to offer. Alongside this, we live in a city that is fantastic at supporting start ups and technologically centred businesses. We’re sometimes known as the ‘Silicon Gorge’ because of the amount of technological development going on in the city. Support for businesses is strong and both of the cities universities fund world class incubators like Set Squared and RED

So there’s ten of our favourite things about living in Bristol. We hope you found it interesting and maybe we’ve given you some inspiration if you live in the city, or if you’re visiting Bristol. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Bristol, then drop us a line and we can set up some time to talk.