3 popular ways to get great content

A new campaign, a new challenge. Every day, websites and digital service providers around the world rake through their brains looking for the latest and greatest content ideas that will drive both traffic and engagement. Constantly coming up with new and exciting topics and articles can be time-consuming, and often extremely difficult, but luckily there are plenty of places where content can be found or generated with even the most limited budget. Here are three ideas for getting new daily content without having to spend half your life typing.


As well as providing fresh ideas and experience that may not exist in your organisation, freelancers can be drafted in when workloads increase, before being released if things go back to normal. They’re ideal for getting an outsider perspective too, and experience freelancers can also give your content strategy some direction if they’ve done something similar elsewhere. The best are expensive but well worth it, and you’ll also need to dedicate some time to finding and hiring them from what is a large pool of candidates.

Content mills

Asking the internet for some words about your business may sound like a recipe for disaster, but content services have become a lot more reliable in recent years. As well as vetting their writers, they may even offer a premium service that puts you in touch with professionals and the freelancers that you’d normally need to spend time finding in the first place. Content mills are generally the cheapest option, but you’ll be receiving 500 words of copy that is very useful and done to your specifications but without the insights that an agency or freelancer can provide.


Digital agencies are professional content creators and will go even further by making sure your content is optimised from an SEO and AdWords perspective. A good agency will also provide insights into your online presence and digital marketing strategies, including information on what the content you require is actually bringing you in terms of hard figures. The most expensive, but most effective way of getting content that works.

Just like any other service, good content come at the right price and the more you pay, the better the content. Just make sure that you’re using trusted providers and that your overall tone of voice and strategy doesn’t get lost when you use multiple writers.

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