4 tips for Instagram branding

When it comes to promotion and branding, Instagram is growing in importance and it is doing so at a fast speed. No matter what type of business you run, whether it is online-based or you have your own store, this is a social media platform you need to embrace to reach more customers and develop a loyal following.

Use hashtags

How many hashtags should you add to your post? Start with between five and 10n, and see how that goes. You are allowed to post up to 30, but that amount would simply be overkill. To check hashtags are relevant, you just need to use the search tool feature on Instagram.

Report and promote others

This ‘partnering up’ approach is something that works well in all aspects of online marketing, not just Instagram. However, when dealing with the social media network specifically, by reaching out to a company with the same target audience as you, you can both promote one and other, making it a fruitful partnership for all involved.

Be inspirational and/or entertaining

You should never just post for the sake of posting. Every Instagram post needs to have a purpose, it should be something that is going to make a big impact, i.e. to entertain and/or to inspire. These are the sort of posts that people are going to enjoy seeing, and it won’t feel like you are simply trying to post an endless stream of sales pitches and promotional content.

Consistency is key

Users are much more likely to act if the brand is one that they can easily recognise. To achieve this, there are some key rules you need to follow. Firstly, make sure you do not overcrowd your captions and images with text. Secondly, try to stick to the same filters. Thirdly, choose a colour palette or scheme and stick to this whenever you can. Finally, and most importantly, make sure that all of your visuals are consistent in terms of quality and style.

Follow the four tips presented above and you can achieve Instagram marketing success. The power of this social media platform is growing by the day, make sure you don’t miss out.

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