5 ways social media can help your business

Social media isn’t always all about cute pictures of kittens and puppies or videos of your baby doing something adorable and funny. It is one of the fastest growing methods of digital marketing for businesses and has grown dramatically in the past six years thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Businesses using social media to their advantage has surprisingly been overlooked even though over 85% of the population in the West have accounts. Never the less, we have comprised a list of ways that social media can help build your business.

1. Social media is very popular

As mentioned above, over 85% of the population in the West have social media accounts. So why not make use of its popularity by promoting your brand on it? The reach that a social media post has can potentially be more than the reach of a billboard in Central London. It makes sense to give it a go.

2. Social media is cost-effective!

One of the great things about promoting your business on social media is that it’s very cost-effective, and although each platform has a specific feature for ads, you can choose to use it as per your budget and you can just use your page (for FREE) to post pictures of your product or relating to your service. There’s nothing better than free marketing!

3. Target a specific demographic and audience

The beauty of social media marketing is unlike off-line marketing – you can choose who will see your ad. Whether it’s a client that’s enquired about your service before or whether it’s someone that loves a product from your rival company, you get to choose. Targeting your ad means that you will be able to increase your ROI because the people who see your ad are more likely to buy your product or service.

4. Social media helps build your brand

Your business can reflect its brand using amazing content via social media. Showing your followers what your brand stands for is a great way to increase your following and a great way to engage with your followers, which in return gives you a positive brand image. Think video, infographics and competitions.

5. Social media is perfect for customer service!

You can provide your customers with instant gratification through social media. Companies that use social media effectively for customer services have seen increases of up to 30% in their sales!

Using social media for your business is a great way of building your brand, your business and your revenue!

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