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With the introduction of our new client to client support area where our 120+ business owners can share experience, knowledge  exchange services and network we are proud to focus this months client focus blog on Too Jazzy and the rise of them ranking for Glass Metro Tiles. They are competing against big players like Tesco’s and as a startup making every penny work hard is very important. Below you can find out what its all about!

There is an expression which goes “form is temporary, class is permanent”. Now where bathroom and kitchen tiles are concerned, while form is perhaps not relevant, class most definitely is. If you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, one of the most defining features will be the tiling. Whilst the facades of kitchen cupboards may change from time to time, and sanitaryware in bathrooms alternate between white and colours, it is often the tiling that will first begin to look out of date.

This is remarkably frustrating because ceramic tiles will last more than a lifetime, yet within 10 years they can look passé and, frankly, a bit of an eyesore. However, to take a leaf out of the fashion notebook and the “little black dress”, some things never go out of fashion and their class is permanent. It may seem strange to compare ceramic tiling to women’s clothing but, nonetheless, the point being made is very clear. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom tiles the style and design of glass metro tiles never goes permanently out of fashion.

You only have to look at the number of iconic buildings or travel on underground systems in London Paris or New York to realise that metro tiles can transcend the passage of time and remain contemporary in look decade after decade. For some of you the full-bodied look and bold colours of metro tiles can be a little overwhelming and that is where the beauty of the glass metro tile comes to the fore. While enabling you to bring colour into your kitchen or bathroom, the glass metro tile lacks the vividness and vibrancy that some standard metro tiles have and, as a consequence, accentuate a room as opposed to totally dominating it.

The other great advantage of glass metro tiles is that they tend not to dominate, even when covering large expanses of wall. Furthermore, for the more adventurous, glass metro tiles can be laid in a number of different ways to remarkable effect. While there is the traditional side-by-side format, glass metro tiles look stunning when laid in a brick bond style, which to you or I, is where the tile above the one below starts halfway along in an offset manner. Then, of course, you can become more adventurous and lay the tiles in a variety of patterns based on a combination of vertically and horizontally tiles. However, one of our favourite layouts for glass metro tiles is the herringbone style where tiles are laid at an angle of 45° to the horizontal, and on the horizontal plane, each tile is laid at 90° to each other. This is a style you often see when looking at brick paved driveways.

Here at Too Jazzy in Bristol we have an exceptional range of glass metro tiles which we are able to ship nationwide. However, we are aware that it is difficult to choose a tile without seeing it first, so please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to ship samples of our glass metro tiles for you to examine.

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