Client Update

I am writing to apologise for the delays in producing both April and May’s blog articles for your business. I appreciate the faith you have placed in me and my business to increase the online presence of your business and improve your Google page ranking and I am very committed to achieving this.


A combination of a pleasantly unexpected rise in business combined with two recent Google Panda algorithm updates has created a certain element of chaos on the writing front, especially when it comes to ensuring that the copy provided meets with what are becoming more stringent requirements.
This last week I have trialled 27 writers and I am delighted to announce that two of them have shown the ability to understand that writing SEO blog articles to meet with Google’s requirements requires a great deal more than just the ability to write plain English. As a consequence they are now on board with LSG Creative and meeting the challenge head on!
This means that a concerted effort is now  being made to catch up with any delayed articles and that subsequent articles will be produced in well under the 28 days following to ensure regular and timely continuity.
I appreciate your patience and I can assure you that while a great deal of time has been invested in finding new writers, the benefits to you will greatly outweigh the time spent finding them.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with and please accept my apologies once again.

Kindest Regards,



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