Common mistakes businesses are making on social media (that you need to avoid)

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way businesses operate. It can be used to promote your company, promote campaigns, sell to targeted audiences and communicate directly with your clientele. Almost every business operating in the marketplace today is aware of the benefits that social media can bring, but there are also some pitfalls that must be avoided. Our experts have listed the most common mistakes that businesses make on social media that you must avoid.

1. Inconsistency and off-brand content

Social media is one of the most open and obvious ways that potential customers will see your brand. This means any business social media account must be focused, and needs to fully represent the business. Consistency will reinforce your company, brand and the services you provide, showing new and existing customers your professional attitude. An all too common mistake for smaller businesses is for the founder to use their personal social media accounts as business accounts as well – separating your accounts will ensure consistency and remove any feelings of unprofessionalism.

2. Lack of updates and interaction

Social media allows people to communicate and interact – it can be an amazing networking source if used correctly and allows direct contact between customers and the company. Failing to update your social media account means that you may as well not have an account; especially as the algorithms that run these sites constantly show users the most up-to-date posts.

Equally, if customers contact you directly via social media then you need to respond within a sensible time-frame; ignoring your customers on any platform will lead to discontent and they can easily tell others about their bad experiences on these same platforms. This extra visibility means you need to ensure you get it right.

3. Mistaking the target audience

To effectively use social media, it is essential to know the demographics of the people following you to properly target your communications and generate calls to action. Failure to understand and relate to those following your social media profiles will result in dismissals from customers and missed opportunities. However, by making your social media profiles specific and targeted, you are much more likely to connect with your customers, generating positive experiences and sales.

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