Content marketing tips for 2017

Content marketing is one of the most popular and effective parts of a business digital marketing strategy. With a huge increase in content marketing in recent years, ensuring you are generating engaging, eye-catching content will be key to a successful online strategy throughout 2017. Each piece of online content you create needs to be optimised for search engines, to ensure your website is pulled to the top of a page when the search results are listed. Below we’ve listed out some of our top tips to help you create relevant, engaging content in 2017.

Live for the moment with video

If you’re not already creating live video content, 2017 needs to be the year you start to. With social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat all offering the feature, you are missing an amazing opportunity to engage with your customers if you aren’t live. Live video gives your audience a raw insight into you and your company, and feels a lot more genuine than a piece that is pre-recorded and edited. According to statistics from Facebook, users watch 3x more live videos than they do recorded ones*, meaning the chances of your content being viewed is literally tripled if it’s posted live.

Even if you don’t feel your content marketing is geared up to produce and post live video, you should seriously be looking to invest in recorded video. Google rewards sites that host video on them by increasing their chances of appearing on the first page of search results by over 50%.** Including video in your emailers can increase their click-through rate by over 300%***, which is an opportunity not to be missed.

Do use data

Personalised content, from personalised greetings in a mailer, to targeted emails, re-marketing a certain product or service, are effective content marketing techniques you can use as part of your strategy. The key here is to really add value to your audience online, by understanding their specific needs and hitting them with solutions at just the right time. With more than 2 million blogs posted everyday****, making yourself seen above the rest of the noise can be a challenge. Quality is absolutely more important than quantity here. If you can create niche content that you blog, vlog or email out to your customers – you will generate a far higher conversion rate than if you aim to post three blogs a week, just for the sake of posting content.


No matter what your business does, the number one aim online is to grow awareness of your brand to attract more customers. According to Facebook stats, your organic content manages to reach less than 3% of your audience*****, meaning 97% of the people you’d like to see it, totally miss it. Investing in google advertising or social media advertising might seem like a daunting prospect at first, but once you work out the potential ROI you stand to achieve, it could all of a sudden feel far more appealing. With both Google advertising and social media advertising, you’re in control of your daily and monthly budget and you can use precise targeting to reach exact members of your target market with information you know will be relevant and engaging. If you have never invested in online advertising before, make 2017 the year you see just how much your online presence and ultimate sales can grow, from just a few pounds per day in upfront costs.

For more information about ensuring your content is optimised for search engines, and for support in building relevant, engaging content for your target audience, why not contact LSG Creative? We can help you to improve the success of your business’s online strategy, increasing visitors to your site and positively impacting the number of prospective customers you generate through your online channels.


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