Digital marketing: but it’s still marketing!

It’s fair to say that, throughout history, inventions have changed the way we do things. Yet, such advancements still retain the primary purpose – heat still keeps us warm whether it is delivered by the burning of fossil fuels in a grate or through underfloor heating!

Which brings us to digital marketing. The concepts and actions have moved the process of marketing to what, just a generation or so ago, would have been unimagined levels of connectivity.

But it’s still marketing!

Here’s just a single line from the Wikipedia entry on this subject: ‘Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer.’ This was true from earliest times to our technological world of today. Therefore, no matter the processes, it’s still vital to remember the concept and these basic tenets of marketing.

So how do we create, keep and satisfy our customers – digitally?

The first step – the creation of customers – is about the messages you present to draw people in. SEO research and optimisation techniques play a valuable part, but simply put, you are trying to present your business as a way of meeting their needs, solving their problems and helping achieve their ambitions. In this way, as searches are undertaken, you appear as the solution they are seeking.

Moving to the final of the three keys: satisfy. This is about a welcoming web presence that quickly delivers the promises made to first attract potential customers. Of course, this is them backed up by the products and services achieving what’s required, and being delivered in a user-friendly way.

Finally, our third tenet: keep. Think how social media can help businesses achieve this by providing a welcome level of contact, by building up a warm and helpful relationship with those customers. If your social media presence is seen as enhancing the value of your sales, then you are more likely to both retain and grow these customers.

Here we could add a further marketing possibility – expand the customer base. A positive and useful social media presence can lead to sharing, allowing a business to grow its client base exponentially.

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