Getting Google on your side pays dividends in the long run

There is always a terrible temptation when you start an SEO campaign to expect instant results. After all, you’re investing money, and when you do that, you want and need to see returns, ideally yesterday. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t see it that way, and in all honesty, steady incremental results are better for you in the long run. Why? Because if results could be obtained instantly, then you would be spending even more money on SEO trying to ward off the competition as you vie for one of the coveted places on page one of search engine results.

If you take it one step further, Google is helping you in two ways. Firstly, while unethical and ‘cheating’ methods to boost page ranking for a website may have an immediate effect, the long-term results are usually terminal. Once Google establishes that all their rules have been broken, any website looking to increase its page ranking via what are called black hat methods is not just penalised, but condemned to the bowels of the internet for a long time afterwards, and ethical SEO practises will not then alter the dire situation.

Play the long game, and Google will reward your patience by increasing your page ranking because you have complied with what they want SEO-wise and you have done everything you can, both onsite and offsite, to maximise its overall effect both in increasing ranking and, as importantly, keeping your ranking once you have achieved the results you set out to achieve at the beginning.

You also have to be prepared to accept that Google will change the rules from time to time. This is partly to create a fairer playing field for everyone, and partly because they are a business, which many forget. Google will help you if you help Google, it is that simple.

One of the simplest things you can do is broaden your horizons where keywords are concerned. Now that Google rewards quality website content, no longer do you want to rely on a few strategic keywords. Now your text, whether on your Home Page or in a blog article, can use phrases, or long-tailed keywords, that are just as likely to be used in searches and Google also rewards you for the relevance of the keywords. Relevance has taken the place of keyword density.

Finally, remember that SEO is an organic process and as such, it is also a fluid one. As a consequence, your SEO campaign shouldn’t be a one off, and it is not just us here at LSG Creative telling you for our benefit, ask anyone who stopped a successful SEO campaign what happened. Today SEO should be as important a part of any marketing and promotion campaign and, as such, should be allocated a monthly budget for ongoing optimization.


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