Google Optimize tests to enhance your AdWords

Are you ready to take your AdWords to the next level? Then this is the perfect post for you. Just recently, Google released ways to connect AdWords and landing page tests via the use of Google Optimize. We’ve put together a list of the top Google optimise tests to help transform your AdWords game and reap rewards for your business’s growth.

First things first, you need to link up your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. This will put everything in one easy-to-use place and provide you with effective tools and information. Once you’ve done this you can set up experiments for the following in Google Optimize:

– Accounts
– Campaigns
– Ad groups
– Keywords

There is so much worth testing, but below we highlight some of the things that should be top of your list.

1. Building stronger connections with recurring customers

This is possible in a number of ways. The first option is if you’ve already separated out your remarketing lists for search ads traffic into their own campaigns. If so, then simply run tests on those campaigns. However, if your audience is only applied to your campaigns as bid-only, then it’s only a matter of combining the AdWords traffic you’re wondering about with an audience list from Google Analytics. If you are offering your recurring customers special deals in your ad text, then try to make that offer the centrepiece of your landing page for those users.

2. Get to know your specifically matched searchers

Since you can stage experiments around a specific keyword, it’s then possible to tailor landing pages for those users who have arrived via that exact-match keyword. Of course, repeating someone’s query on your website isn’t important for quality ratings in the broader sense, but you will give yourself a brilliant opportunity to tailor your website pages to specific keywords.

3. Enable different types of conversion

Newsletter signs up, phone calls, lead generation forms, etc, are all valuable forms of action. If you track these various conversion types, you need to separate reports by conversion action. So, if a particular campaign is heavy on calls, then create a version of your landing page that allows phone calls to be even easier. Or, if for example, an ad group brings all sorts of newsletters, switch that ad group to a version of your page that focuses on the newsletter. This is even if it’s at the expense of the main conversion action.

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