Google’s New Local Search and Your Business

There have been some major changes to Google’s local search, and this has implications for any business. We’ve taken a look at what the changes mean and how you can make sure that your customers can still find your business.

There have been growing concerns about Google’s tendencies to feature its own products, features and advertisements, with fewer and fewer organic results making the front page. From the images carousel, review URLs, paid listings, their research carousel and many more paid for results, it can be hard for small businesses to afford to stay visible. So what can you do about it?

Use your Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business Listing (or GMB) is a way for you to manage how your business appears on Google and what information users can find. It’s become increasingly user friendly, with business hours, contact information and Q&As easily found. To make sure your business looks its best online, it’s worth regularly checking and updating your GMB listing, so customers know that you are open. Make sure you verify your location and manage and respond to messages often.

The rise of AdWords

Though some business owners can be hesitant about paying for AdWords, it can be the easiest way to make sure your business comes first on both search and local search pages. The growing trend in digital marketing seems to be that more and more local search engine pages are taken up by AdWords ads, so in order to get the same results you need a creative and dynamic approach, like those offered by us at UpUGo

Carry out test searches

To see where your business is on the local search page it’s worth checking up on it yourself. The best way to check that all of your information on Google is correct is to do test searches. Try a combination of keywords that customers would use if they were looking for your business. Misinformation on Google pages can have damaging consequences for your business so test searching is a great way to notice and correct these. It’s also good to compare your business to similar nearby companies and check your company looks as good or better than theirs.

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