Hummingbird update

So the first challenge to fix your SEO since the latest update is to keep up with the demand of conversational search queries. People are searching less and less with phrases like “SEO Bristol” and are now more geared up to asking “I need an SEO company in Bristol”
Other key question types include: “How to…?”, “Where is the nearest…?””Where can I get…?” etc.
So they key takeaway here is that over time people have gone from ASK Jeeves style questions all the way to just asking Google two keywords. Now it is heading `vintage` again. Back to answering questions with answers.
For example if you ask Google:
“compare orange juice to apple juice”
You will be presented with two images and two sets of product information.
Another example of the change includes asking Google:
“Where is the nearest SEO company?”
Google will find out your location which lets say is Bristol and then use its mapping system to locate the closed SEO company in your area.
So what do you do?
FAQ pages are a great way to ask the common questions that you receive, ensure the answers cover all areas and are a good length.
Create content like Wikipedia – I always use Wikipedia as an example of the best SEO, informative content which has keywords linked internally.
Improving your SEO in Bristol now means that synonyms and Co-occuring terms are more important than ever.
So keywords on homepages are still relevant, the above basically means that you need to use as many words which are linked to the type of company you are. So LSG Creative would need to use words and phrases such as “SEO Bristol, Search engine optimisation, being found on Google etc”
The best way to find out different keywords and phrases is Google itself, type in a search on Google and look at the alternative words which rank for that phrase, also visit the bottom of the page to see similar or related search terms. These are the phrases you need to optimise.
Letting Google compare your competitors to you
Being talked about online is more important than ever, looking at your competitors backlink profile to see which backlinks you can attempt to get listed on is a great way to show Google that you can `compete` Being mentioned on top 10 lists and awards are also very beneficial.
Anchor Text
Anchor text has always been important, but now it is more so than ever before, the best way to see this in action is searching on Google: “Click here” Guess who appears? Ofcourse it is still Adobe, due to the amount of links with “Click here” as the anchor text. Change your links to help Google understand more about your website, so for example LSG Creative links SEO Bristol to our page about search engine optimisation.
Videos and Google’s suite of tools:
More focus has been placed on videos to answer questions, such as “how to build your own website” will be answers by Google with a video, as it is obviously the best way to help someone learn.
Your location is key, so that is why it is important to have your Google places page listed, if you need help claiming your Google places page then drop us the team an email.
Last but not least is structured data mark-ups – this will however be covered in a future update.
Have fun for now

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