We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Eco Green Hosting based in Bath.

We welcome 42 new Eco Green customers to the LSG family. Eco Green hosting is an Eco-friendly company providing Web Hosting and Web Design Services to individuals and companies, which is affordable for everyone. They can manage your Web Design, Logo Design, Website maintenance, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Hosting Packages, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

What does Eco Green do?
When launching a new website, you need a domain name and a web hosting which is also known as space on a server. What people don’t realise, is the impact that these servers have on the environment, and Eco Green’s super fast hosting is here to change this. Servers are one of the world’s biggest pollution, doing more damage to the environment than cars do.

Eco Green wants your business to have less impact on the environment, and everything they do is 100% carbon neutral. Bristol was named the European Green Capital in 2015 due to the help of companies like Eco Green, who plant a tree per server used.

Why go green?
Global warming is happening constantly around us and humans are playing a strong role into speeding this up. With ice caps melting, sea levels rising and more natural disasters becoming more prevalent, the evidence is undeniable.

Consumers are buying electric cars and recycling. Governments are implementing stronger environmental legislations, and now it’s our turn to make a difference.

Why is this important?
“Amazon has noted in the past that cloud computing is inherently more efficient than traditional computing, since companies are able to consolidate their data centre use. And moving media and other services as data via the cloud is much more efficient than creating and shipping physical objects. But the cloud doesn’t come free. As more of our lives migrate to the digital ether, Internet companies—and their billions of customers—need to be more aware of the power behind the cloud”.

Whilst we’re pumping our efforts into reducing our natural resources such as recycling more, producing electric cars and implementing stricter government environmental legislations, we’re forgetting the bigger picture. Server hosts are what people connect to everyday in order to access the Internet, and are single-handedly the most powerful secret resource drainer that no one is aware of.

“Annually, a single server, on its own, produces more carbon dioxide than a car. Over 10 years ago, globally, data centres were consuming the equivalent of 14 coal-fired one thousand megawatt power plants. And these numbers are only going up—by 2020 web hosting will be as polluting as the airline industry”.

It gets worse…
It’s not just about energy usage. Servers are abusing the environment in many other ways including the competitive companies who understand that they need to keep their clients data safe.

Most of these data centres also require diesel fuel and its ‘normal’ for one data centre to emit 125 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide from diesel fuel annual alone. Not to mention, the server technology equipment also needs to be replaced at least every five years, which goes straight in to a landfill or offshore disposal once its lifespan has come to its end.

Why we’re going green
Here at LSG Creative, we’ve recognised that every day, everything is becoming more digital, online, and accessible from anywhere in the world. That’s why we thrive off being a cloud-based company, saving time, money, and producing less damage to the environment by not having to make the daily commute to an office. By partnering up with Eco Green and using environmentally friendly technologies, this will use 40% less energy and 50% less heat than traditional technologies.

By making small commitments such as planting trees, using energy sufficient servers, telecommuting staff, using electric cars and energy saving data centres, this saves 100’s of tons of CO2 per year. These are all practices that Eco Green Hosting consider essential when providing all of their hosting packages and web design Bath and Bristol customers with great value packages.

Get in touch today on 0800 689 3691 if you want to join us on our ‘green’ journey, or visit our website at

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