SEO and optimised content: Finding the right balance

From blog articles to website copy, it’s been drummed into our heads for the past five years that when it comes to getting noticed, leaping to the top of Google search results and overall being more visible to the customer, SEO is king.

But with Google’s optimisation and algorithms becoming ever-more complex and less in favour of keyword-heavy copy that many blogs and websites have taken as gospel, how can we integrate content and SEO to create copy that’s still effective, but less obviously search engine optimised?

Be readable

This one might be obvious, but when it comes to creating copy that’s as engaging as it is optimised, your content has to make sense. The focus on content created for websites and blogs should be written in a way that they still include keywords, but the focus is on the copy itself. Engaging, exciting and overall entertaining content doesn’t just keep the Google bots happy – it encourages visitors to stay on your website and learn more about you.

Be subtle

If your content is over-saturated with keywords or phrases, especially ones that have nothing to do with the subject matter, you’ll soon find your rankings dropping like a stone. These days, well-optimised and appealing content that’s more subtle about the inclusion of keywords are what rises to the top of the Google rankings, with the search engine company ever-tweaking their system to allow more organic content to rise above keyword heavy nonsense.

Know your topic

Even just a small amount of research on the subject you’re writing about is beneficial when it comes to creating better content, but a stable or even expert understanding of the matter is ideal. Great optimisation is as much about creating content that adds value, enriches someone’s understanding or explains a subject. Include a few related keywords and you’ll be good to go.

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