The most ambitious companies in Bristol optimising for the web

LSG Creative has ranked top for SEO Bristol for a pretty long time now, as a result I have witnessed some very ambitious types of companies enquiring about how best to use Google to gain new business.

So I thought I would give you an idea about what companies in Bristol are on top of there game and what sectors you would expect to be – yet they are not.

Lets start with the best:

Cleaning companies in Bristol are really ontop of digital marketing, this is one of the most competitive sectors I have seen with new company websites being launched almost daily. I would expect this to be down to the nature of how people find cleaners, humans are lazy and with about 70% clicking on the number one listing and more than 1000 searches per month being the top ranking cleaners Bristol is big business.

Removals companies are another type of business ontop of the game, more than 750 people a month search for aremoval company in Bristol, this could be worth thousands of pounds each month for the number one position. The competition is fierce though, so expect to take a while to rank organically.

Plumbers – no surprise that plumbers are also geared up for using the web to win new business, this is an instinctive purchase which people will often click on number one as they are in a hurry. Plumbers in Bristol is big business and I see more companies using Google Places to create reputations soon.

Skip hire companies in Bristol are also keen optimisers, with over 30 choices and over 1000 searches a month in Bristol this is a gold mine for companies ranking at the top for Skip Hire Bristol. Don`t forget, no matter what industry you are in the most popular phrase will be “Service” “location” for example: “SEO Bristol” or “Builders Bristol”.

Now we have the wild cards section, warehouse good suppliers, pallet racking companies and scrap metal are also top sectors for optimisation. With the other big surprise being companies like Cubex behind the Bridgewater House Bristol and Finzels Reach developments who are looking for phrases like apartment sales in Bristol.

Now for the companies who seem less engaged: 

The big surprise is media companies, with so many providing websites so few actually rank online. The exception would be video production companies in Bristol who are often looking to increase sales revenue using optimisation techniques.

The other big losers for me are the following sectors, this seems to be unexploited by most:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hair dressers
  • Web design companies
  • Doctors
  • Dentists

If you want to find out more about how to optimise your own website then please visit the guide at the top of this page. If you dont have the time to do it yourself then why not get us to do it?

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