The rise of voice search and how your business can take advantage

It’s no secret that voice search is on the rise. Just look at this statistic: “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020”. The major tech giants have also been pouring both money and time into devices that come with a digital assistant. Just look at Amazon’s Alexa. If you want to ensure your business thrives with the rise of voice search, then keep reading.

Digital assistants are on the rise

Every year voice search and devices that utilise digital assistants are on the rise. This change in consumer behaviour has a large impact on businesses, from SEO companies and retailers to eCommerce websites. With regards to the marketing world, this means that traditional SEO methods could lose some of their effectiveness, which means that businesses will be required to tailor their web presence in relation to the rise of voice technology in order to stay relevant and successful.

Answer customer questions directly

In order to successfully optimise for voice search, you need to think about how people actually speak. To position yourself for voice search, you need to answer customer questions directly, giving those searching the exact result they need. This can in some ways make keyword research more challenging, but it can also create further opportunity since the customers that find you will be deeply and specifically targeted and therefore find your content useful and relevant.

Focus on long-tail keywords

You’ll also need to focus on more long-tail keywords, and conduct keyword research for how people like to phrase questions aloud, rather than typing them. By understanding the search terms consumers are likely to use, you’ll put your business in a stronger position ready to answer questions and find authentic customers who are likely to follow through on your desired call-to-action.

It’s no longer an “option” to optimise your website and content for voice search, it’s now a necessity to survive in this digital age. This is an ever-growing field, and it’s important to continually refine your digital marketing strategies to meet current demands. Stay ahead of the game and get your business ready for voice search today.

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