Why branding is important to SEO

Ask any SEO novice and they’ll tell you that ‘content is king’ and that SEO is reliant on keywords alone. But the truth of the matter is with ever-changing evolution and techniques the world of SEO is always changing, and it is one that many are struggling to keep up with.

One of the forgotten about aspects of SEO is branding, with many people often opting for keyword stuffing rather than effective marketing. However, despite what some novices may say, branding is of vital importance for not only SEO but building a brand and online audience.

SEO is a vital aspect of any business and can be an important tool in online growth. While appropriate keywords and content are essential, one of the more forgotten about skills on SEO is branding. Robust and competent branding in content can build a company up online and contribute to a larger, effective marketing strategy. When combined with social media and other aspects of the business, consistent and quality branding across the company is vital and plays a significant impact on a business’s success.

When working on your website, content branding is vitally important. If a writer does not have a strong knowledge of SEO or what is aimed to be achieved, then the impact on the business can be very damaging. As a result, hiring a skilled writer or a strong SEO copywriting firm with a proven track record is a pertinent idea for any business, regardless of size. A good way to ensure that your content is on-brand and stays true to the business message is to analyse the language used throughout the existing site and marketing materials.

Key examples of basic issues that can impact SEO:

Are the use of words consistent? Are dates and capitalisations the same?
Are the same words used to describe relevant things?
Are there elements of their tagline that can be broken down and used throughout the text?
Is the blog/site informal or formal? Does the company continually use conversational tone or a professional one?

While content may be king, with SEO consistency and a robust voice is critical and can make all the difference. At upUgo, we offer our customers expert advice on branding, SEO, social media and other content marketing tactics. To find out how we can help your business grow, get in touch with our team today.

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